14 Day Cape to Kgalagadi Lodge Safari



Namaqua National Park

Namaqua National park is a newly proclaimed conservation from South African national Parks. The park lies between the ' Groen River and the Spoeg River" . 

Richtersveld National Park

Richterveld National Park is situated in the far north west of South Africa. 

Orange River Rafting Trips

Rafting on the Orange river Richtersveld

River Rafting on the Orange River & Richtersveld Transfrontier Park is one of the few places left in Southern Africa where one can

still sleep under the stars along the river banks. This Adventure rafting trail is suitable for people with no experience and is the perfect adventure holiday for  the whole family. Join us on trail starting from a 1-3 hour rafting trail through to a 6 day river rafting trail. 

  • Two Man inflatable rafts 
  • guides 
  • meals 
  • outdoor camping 
  • hiking along the river 
  • fishing ( catch & release) 
  • Sleep under the stars 
  • real expedition style adventure 
  • perfect for groups and families 

Escape into the wild on a river rafting trail along the Orange River. 
We offer scheduled departures from our base camp - 



African Wildcat

African Wildcat

Why This Route

Why this route? 
The Cape to Kgalagadi & Kalahari region will take you through some of the most untouched and pristine coastal regions in Africa. We will visit the unspoiled

west coast with shipwrecks, diamond mines, and ancient traces of the Nama Khoi people. The Coast has been inaccessible for many years due to the diamond mining industry. We have now the opportunity to explore the Diamond Coast and the Richtersveld Transfrontier Mountain Desert Reserve. The Diamond coast and Richtersveld is known for spectacular rock formations and have one of the largest collections of endemic succulents in the world. This west coast is also well known for some of South Africa’s best seafood for example rock lobster, Black mussels and a large variety of Fish.

This Cape to Kgalagadi Route will take you past some of the hidden jewels that the Northern Cape and Namaqualand has to offer. This Adventure is exploring the more arid and desert dwellings of South Africa. Our Route will take us past the Augrabies National Park, Orange River and Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. One of the less travelled routes in South Africa has opened for us to visit.

This Cape to Kgalagadi route via the diamond coast offers a walk back in time, a glance at one of South Africa’s riches, a glimpse of the only mountain desert in South Africa, and a real African safari experience in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park.  


What season is the best
? – Throughout the year – However the flowers in September and the rainy season in Kgalagadi from December- April

When is a good

time?  12 months of the year

When is Rainy season?  Nov – April – great for seeing big herds, birth of antelopes, dramatic sunsets

Is there Malaria?  No

Does it get hot & cold?  Summer up to 45°C and winter down to – 8°C

Can I book a private trip? Yes you may, we are flexible to accommodate your interests and budget

What star rating is accommodation?  2 – 3 star rating & Tented Camp / Shared Ablutions

Can I upgrade my accommodation?  On a private trip you can

Do you cater for vegetarians or special diets?  Yes we do, please stipulate your diet on your reservation form

When is the flowering season?  August / September / October

Is the Orange River Trail difficult? It is the perfect trail for all people with no experience

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14 Day Cape to Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park
This safari is the perfect combination of the less travelled west coast and Namaqualand combined with the Richtersveld and Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

Day 1,2: Cape Town, West Coast Route, Private Reserve - Acc  (B.L.D)
Day 3,4: Groen Rivier – Namaqua National Park – Lodge (B.L.D)
Day 5: Hondeklipbaai  – Tented Camp (B.L.D)
Day 6: Koiingnaas/ Shipwrecks – Accommodation (B.L.D)
Day 7,8: Richtersveld Community Reserve, Orange River – Tented Camp (B.L.D)
Day 9: Springbok - Augrabies  – Chalets (B.L.*)
Day 10,11,12: Kgalagadi Trans frontier Park – Chalets (B.L.D)
Day 13: Molopo Lodge - Lodge  (B.L.* Own Dinner )
Day 14: Upington (B) Tour ends on arrival 11h30am – 12h30 pm  
B- Breakfast, L – Lunch, D-Dinner , * - Own meals 
Min 4 people:

What is included?

Activities included?  

What is not included?

The National Parks, Conservancies & Private Reserves that we will visit

Day 1,2: Cape Town , Paternoster, Lamberts bay, Private Game Reserve (B.L.D) – Accommodation
Our Trail will start 8:00 am in Cape Town. Our point of departure will be the Backpack Lodge in Cape Town. We continue following the west coast towards a small fishing town called Paternoster and from the west coast road along the beaches between Elands bay and a small Fishing town of Lamberstbay will lead us towards on of the few areas where the malgasse are breeding on the west coast. Lamberstbay is known for rock lobster fishing and some of the best potatoes in South Africa. The ‘Sandveld’ region that we travel through is the perfect growing fields for potatoes. There is time to enjoy some of the local cuisine at one of the local restaurants. The afternoon we will spend on a private sanctuary on the west coast after Lambertsbay and have to walk along these beautiful west coast beaches. Distance: 250km ( own lunch en route day 1)

Day 3, 4: Groen Rivier – Namaqua National Park (B.L.D) – Guesthouse

This rugged west coast becomes untouched the further north we travel. The little town of Lutzville is situated along the Olifants River and offers a fresh green lush in Namaqualand. This region is known for its vineyards and wineries. The Olifants River valley is the largest wine cooperative in the world. We will have time to visit a winery on the way and stock some of the local wines for our adventure that lies ahead. The Namaqua National Park is approximately 2 – 3 hours from Lutsville and here we will spend two nights in the park camping at the beach with our own bay as setting for our evening sunsets. We have time to drive and visit the spoeg – caves and have the opportunity to walk on these untouched and pristine beach areas in Namaqualand. Distance: 250km

Day 5: Hondeklipbaai – (B.L.D) – Chalets

After a nice morning walk along the coast we will be driving towards the northern part of the Namaqua National park. On our way we often see a variety of Raptors, ostriches, Surricates, jackal, duiker antelopes, ground squirrels, springbok and an array of succulent plants. This is a relaxing drive towards the small fishing and ex diamond mining community of Hondeklipbaai. We will visit one of the shipwrecks in the area, namely the aristae just south of hondeklipbaai. Our afternoon is at leisure and from our tented camp in hondeklipbaai you can go for walks at your own interest along the beach and bay. Distance: 100km.

Day 6: Shipwreck 4 x 4 trail (B.L.D) – Guesthouse

The 4 x 4 Shipwreck trail is a great way to start our morning after breakfast. We will enter the shipwreck trail with our local guide and explore this private concession along the west coast of South Africa. This is in the heart of the Diamond coast route. The whole day we will be on a 4 x 4 Trail exploring the plants, shipwrecks and a touch of history of our desert like west coast.  Distance: 50Km

Day 7.8: Richtersveld Reserve, Hellskloof - Orange River – Tented Camp (B.L.D)
Our Safari will take us pass the mining towns of Klein zee & Port Nolloth. This is old mining towns with two remaining active concessions that is still in production. The remains of a once flourishing Diamond mining town is today only a shadow of what it was. This rugged terrain offers endless mountain views and some of the most interesting rock formations. The Richtersveld is divided in 3 regions namely the Richtersveld Transfrontier Park along the Richtersveld community reserve. Our Trail takes us through the Nababeep community reserve towards the Orange River. Along our way can find some of the succulent plants and the ‘half mens’ that is indigenous to this harsh mountain desert. The Orange River will be our base for the next two days. Distance : 250km

Day 9: Springbok –   Augrabies  – Chalets (B.L.*)
After relaxing at the Orange River for the past two days we will head back to the capital town of Namaqualand namely Springbok. We have time to get fresh supplies and visit some stores before we follow the Orange River towards the Augrabies national park. This is one of the largest waterfalls along the whole Orange River. As we come closer to Augrabies waterfall we will see the many green vineyards along the banks of the Orange River. This region is known to some of the best table grapes that South Africa has to offer. Our overnight is in the Augrabies National Park and we will have time the next morning to enjoy a walk around this beautiful area. Distance:  450km

Day 10, 11, 12: Kgalagadi Trans frontier Park – Chalets (B.L.D)
The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is situated about 300km to the north of Upington and is home to endless desert dune belts. These vegetated dunes offer an intricate ecosystem to the life and animals of this Kalahari Desert. Known for some of the largest predators in Africa we will have time to undertake some game drives and explore this beautiful semi - desert. The vast open plains between the dune belts and the two river beds offer great view points of the Kalahari. Distance: 300km

Day 13: Molopo Lodge – Lodge (B.L*)                                                                                         
Our final day in the Kgalagadi National Park will be a game drive till after lunch and then we head to the Molopo Lodge just outside the park where we will enjoy the luxuries of this little oasis in the Kalahari. Many a story from the Kalahari can be heard in the local bar and restaurant. This evening we can enjoy some of the local cuisine that the lodge offers and it is a great setting to end our adventure before we head back to Upington the following day. Distance: 45km 

Day 14: Upington (B) Tour ends on arrival 12h30am – 13h30 pm
Our final leg of our journey will be to transit from the Molopo lodge back to Upington. This journey will take us approximately 4 hours.  Distance: 300km: B- Breakfast, L – Lunch, D-Dinner, * - Own meals 

Scheduled Departures 
Min: 2 people 
2015 Season 01,16 of every month 



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