Kalahari desert


Formation of the kalahari basin

Soon after its isolation, much of Africa was uplifted and three major basins were formed. Chad basin in the north, the Congo basin in Central Africa and the Kalahari basin

in the south. About 40 million years ago high areas were worn down by water,ice,wind and heat. The kalahari basin filled up with erosional debris and windblown sands. The Kalahari desert or semi desert is the largest continous stretch of sand in the world, covering 2500 square km.As the continent moved southwards the climate became increasingly dry. 

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Kalahari desert 
Originated from the tswana laguage the word 'kgala' meaning the great thirst or the word " kgalagadi " meaning the place without water. The semi desert of the kalahari gives new meaning to waterless, no water, great thirst. This vast open land with the familiar red sand dunes and acacia vegetation is one of the largest natural conservation regions in the world. Teperature can be as low as - 12 degrees in the winter and as high as 51 degrees in the summer. The Kalahari desert is divided amongst three neighbouring countries with South Africa in the middle. It spreads from South Africa towards Botswana in the east and Namibia in the west. 

The kalahari desert forms part of a huge sand basin and it is to be said that the soil is oxidizing , in otherwords rusting. due to the high metal deposits in the sands the fact that it is oxidizing it is actually rusting, hence the red color of the kalahari desert. 

Kgalagadi transfrontier park is easy to visit and one does not need to join a safari, but can underteake a self drive safari to this part of the Kalahari desert.

The neighbouring part of the kgalagadi is called mabuasehube and it is recommended not to travel alone in this desolate region. We are recommending that you join a guided mobile self drive safari and have the opportunity to get an excellent expedition experience whilst crossing the kalahari dunes. 

Central Kalahari in the southern part of Botswana is also recommended not to travel alone, but rather join an existing safari or join a guided self drive safari. 

Explore the Kalahari desert on a guided mobile or guided self drive safari

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