Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park


Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

How to get there ? 
By air.
It is posible to fly to Twee rivieren camp. Make arrangement with park management and you will be collected from the air strip. 

By Road. The Road from upington is tarred up to Bokspits. Frome here is 61km to the gate. So a total distance of 288km from Upington to the main gate at twee rivieren. 

Road Conditions

Roads are fairly well maintained in the Kgalagadi transfrontier park. All roads are gravel and graded with intervals.Corrugation is evident and it is recommended to deflate your tyres for a

smoother ride. All main roads are accessible with normal non 4 x 4 vehicles. 

Night drives

Game drives at night is organized by the three main camps. Nossob, Mata - Mata and Twee rivieren. The open game drive vehicles are guided by well informed rangers. It

allows to experience the Nocturnal movement and behaviour of the kgalagadi wildlife. Please book in advance on arrival to ensure your night game drive. 

Best season to Visit

Dry Season : The fry season is great for the wateringholes, but the surroundings are less colourful and the heat can be a challenge. Prepare for this and maximize your

waterhole experience. The straw coloured grasses form great contrasts with the red sand dunes and allow for excellent scenery. May - Dec / Jan ( depending on the rainfall) 

Wet Season: It is extraordinary to see the wet season as the flowers are in bloom and the herbivores have their young. Not uncommon to see migrating storks, frogs and even catfish in the wet season. The roads are all passable - all depending on the rainfall, but in general great animal sightings and a full bloom of this semi desert. Jan - April 

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Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park 

The park have two ephemeral rivers namely the Nossob in the east and the Auob in the west of the park. 

A portion of the Aoub River is to be said to flow once every 10 years and the Nossob river perhaps twice in a 100 years. They do however carry rain water and there is woisture benath their beds, a precious resource that is trapped to sustain life in the kalahari. The Nossob River meanders and in the north the river bed is wide with raised alluvial plains and flanking dunes on either side. Towards the south at Twee Rivieren restcamp, the trees seems to dwindle and the course suddenly cuts through calcrete deposits and the banks are relativley narrow and steep. The Auob has two discerned segments that differ in apearance and atmophere. It is characterized by beautiful stands of large grey Camelthorn trees. The two rivers meet in the south at the rest camp named "twee riveren" two rivers rest camp. 

Watering holes in the park:  Water is pumped to the watering holes in order to provide a lifeline to the wildlife of the Kalahari. Sometimes as deep as 100meters. Old windpumps are currently being replaced by solar pumps. 

Twee - Rivieren: this is the main camp and the administrative center of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. It is located at the very south of the park. The camp consists of a chalets, camping facilities, restaurant, swimmingpool, information centre along with a shop and a fuel station. 

Mata - Mata: Situated in the far north west on the Namibian Border. This is a border control point and from here one can enter to Namibia from mata mata. The camp offers chalets, camping facilities, swimmingpool, information centre a shop and filling station. 

Nossob: is centrally located in the park towards the eastern border. Facilities includes an information centre, camping facilities, chalets, shop and filling station. Nossob also boasts with a Hide next to a wateringhole at the entrance of the gate. 

Wilderness camps: Wilderness camps are all unfenced and allows the visitor to feel free in the kalahari. There are no facilites like shops, fuel, restaurant, information centres available. In order to stay over at the wilderness camps one needs to prepare for self catering and make sure you have enough fuel and provisions for the length of your stay. Wilderness camps offers at each unit a kitchen, bathroom, fridge/freezer, cooking and eating utensils. Solar panels provide lights and hot water for showers. ( No conventional plugs) .

Grootkolk: Small and exclusive, only 20km from unions end and accessible with a two wheel drive vehicle. a visible waterhole at camp and a really great option for the northern part after nossob. 

Gharagab: Also situated in the North of the park close to unions end. Small and offer 4 x 2 bedroom units surrounded by savannah and camelthorn trees. tThis is known as a higher rainfall region and is home to larger concentrations of wildlife. Only accessible with 4 x 4 Vehicles 

Kielie Krankie: This camp is on a dunebelt and offers inconsists out of dune vegetation and offers a 360 degree view ot the area and waterhole. This Camp offers 4 x 2 bedroom units and is deal for crossing the dune belt between the Nossob and Auob Rivers finite views over the kalahari dunes. 

Kalahari Tented Camp: This is a larger camp that is close to Mata - Mata and offers 15 x 2 bedroom Tented Camps sleeping two to four people. It boasts with a swimmingpool  and have spectacular views over the Auob River and watering hole. 

Urakuruus:This Lofted camp is between Mata - Mata and Twee Rivieren and is surrounded by Camelthorn tress and overlooks the Auob River Bed and watering hole. It offers accommodation 4 x 2 people units. 

It is only accessible by 4 x 4 vehicles and links the camps Nossob and Mata - Mata. The area overlooks a large pan, but has few trees and offer an exclusive experience to the visitors. It has four x 2 people units and is surrounded by the great silence of the Kalahari 

Xaus Lodge: This is a luxury retreat overlooking a large pan and wateringhole half way between Twee Rivieren and Mata - Mata. Run by a priavte concessionaire on the Kalahari Heritage Park Land. The lodge offers a 24 bedded thatched lodge with spectacular views and interaction with the Komani san Bushmen. 

Wild camping is available at Polentswa and Rooiputs. You need 4 x 4 Vehicles to access these wilderness camps. 

The Main Entrance Gate to the park at Twee Rivieren opens daily at 07:00.
Kgalagadi transfrontier park opening times

January to February

06:00 – 19:30


06:30 – 19:00


07:00 – 18:30


07:00 – 18:00

June and July

07:30 – 18:00


07:00 – 18:30


06:30 – 18:30


06:00 – 19:00

November and December

05:30 – 19:30



GPS to Twee Rivieren: 

Entrance Gate

Twee Rivieren

S 26° 28'26"

E 20° 36'48"

Travelling towards the Kgalagadi Transpfrontier Park 

Upington to Twee Rivieren: 265km
Kuruman to Twee Rivieren: 383km
Kimberley to Twee Rivieren: 621km
Cape Town to Twee Rivieren: 1 076km
Johannesburg to Twee Rivieren: 1 090km
Durban to Twee Rivieren: 1 463km
Mata-Mata to Keetmanshoop: 280km
Kaa gate to Maun: 797km
Mabuasehube gate to Gaborone: 533km
Mabuasehube gate to Maun: 787km
Mabuasehube gate to Tsabong: 115km
Two Rivers to Gaborone: 810km
Two Rivers to Tsabong: 310km

Travelling Times in the Park: 



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