Kalahari Desert  

The Kalahari desert the word kalahari is derived from the Kgalagadi or Makgadigadi, meaning salt pans or ' thirstland' by the first local tribes namely the nomadic San Bushman. In 1891 the park area known today as 'Mier' was annexed by the british Bechuanaland. After years Botswana and South Africa decided to collaborate their conservation and environmental interests of the kalahari desert and formed the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in 2000. It was the first fomally declared Transfrontier " crossborder park" in Africa. The collaborate Kgalagadi park strteches over a vast area of 38000 square km and is one of the world's larger conervation areas. The Kalahari desert is unique in appearance with the vegetated red sand dunes and vast open land. This is one of the most sensistive biospheres and conservation areas in africa. 

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